Moulin de Gréaux | 8 x 10 | Provence Series

Moulin de Gréaux | 8 x 10 | Provence Series

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The Provence Collection was created in France this Spring while working at an artist residency.

My wife and I flew with all of our supplies to the residency and created work from everything we saw; market flowers, historic hotels, olive groves, and a very steep hike up Eze.

But I was most greatly inspired by the mountain range near us called the Alpilles‭. ‬It was an intoxicating and calming setting‭, ‬proving to be an endless source of inspiration‭. ‬I hope these same senses wash over you as you view the new collection‭. ‬

These pieces will forever mark a turning point in my body of work‭. ‬Growth took place under the Provence light and I am overwhelmed to see this whole series finally hanging together.


Each print varies slightly in texture and color due to its handprinted nature.

Handmade in our Greenville, SC.

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